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Never Been to Our Studio? 
Here's how it Works...

1. DROP IN during our studio hours- NO appointment or reservation needed, however, with current Covid restrictions, it is a good idea to make a reservation during our busy weekend times. There are 3 tables available for reservations and 3 available for walk-in painters plus our beautiful patio space. If you would like to reserve an inside table, please book online here.

2. Choose your favorite piece from over 200 bisque options... mugs, bowls, plates, platters, teapots, kitchenware, figurines, banks, boxes & MORE!

3. Pick your colours from 30 light, bright & dark colour variations.

4. Browse our large selection of silkscreens, stencils and design inspirations- all of our pieces on the shelves are there as examples for you to recreate!

5. We'll fill you in on all the tips and tricks to make your piece truly personalized & unique.

6. We'll send you a text in about a week to pick up your finished pieces. 

Fall 2021 hours

Wednesday.            12pm - 6pm

Thursday                12pm - 6pm          

Friday                     12pm - 8pm

Saturday                 12pm - 8pm

*Friday and Saturday we are open for Reservations and Walk-in Customers. Last seating is at 6pm, and we will stay open until 8pm to allow time for all painters to complete their work. 


How much does it Cost?

Our prices are all inclusive. That means the price of the piece includes glaze, clear dipping, firing, touch ups and refiring if needed and expert guidance from our staff. We are constantly bringing in new inventory, so prices vary, but here are some price ranges:

  • Kids figurines $7 - $18

  • Piggy Banks $15 - $25

  • Mugs $18 - $28

  • Bowls $15 - $22

  • Plates $5 - $25

  • Home Decor $7 - $45

Do I need to make a reservation?

No reservation is necessary! You are welcome to come in and paint anytime during our open hours. If you are planning to come in on Friday or Saturday afternoon, and want an inside table, making a reservation here is a good idea. 

How long does it take to get my piece back?

In general, it will take 7 days for your piece to be fired (up to 2200 degrees!) and ready for pickup. If you give us permission, we will send you a text message when it is ready!